Stainless Steel Sheets

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    After cold rolling, BA surface of stainless steel is bright-annealed with the environmental control of its oxidation reaction and showed highly reflective surface processing. Widely used in decorative purposes
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    Unlike NO.4, hairline surface is straight and line is elongated as hair look. The application is also used in the decorative purposes.
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    ​​​​​​​No.4 is #grit 150-240 polished surface, showing straight and shiny appearance. Commonly used in many kitchenware equipment or building decorative purposes.
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    NO.8 Plate

    NO.8 Sheet
    Pyramid uses the high-performance 40-axis homemade mirror grinding machine which generates high quality mirror sheets with 1.5 meters per minute. The production is fully automated with high quality and high stability.

    NO.8 Thicker Plate( Thicker Gauge)
    Pyramid has a thicker gauge mirror grinding machine which can make thicker and wider dimensions mirror panels to meet the customer's specific needs such as chemical or food tanks or semiconductor devices.
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    In recent years, vibration finish becomes one of the most popular stainless steel surface polishing with its dense irregular orientation of fine lines and reflecting the tight-knit elegant texture (non-directional).
    Pyramid, after years of research and development, is well equipped with producing high-quality vibration sheets.
    Pyramid has improved processes & productivity and satisfied most exigent customers.
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    Bead Blasted

    Bead Blasted surface is also a popular surface processing method in recent years.Through the sand blasting process, the steel appears a beautiful and timeless finish.
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    In addition to using the general screen printing process, Pyramid introduces a foreign advanced technology - photosensitive printing process - to produce the etching sheet. 
    This method can improve the precision of the printing process and increase its layering appearance. With the best etching process and the introduction of the most advanced two-way etching machine, the etching depth is up to 0.05mm which is much deeper than the general etching 0.03mm.
    Pyramid also has a range of patterns for customers to choose. Customer designed patterns are also available.

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    Starlight finish it is made from a special coating in order to increase the surface hardness and scratch resistance.
    Starlight, it is expected to be a new wave of fashion trends due to the above characteristics and it can also combine with different surfaces and rendering intensely aesthetic mood.